VENDOR HIGHLIGHT SERIES: Nathalie- Rockville Esthetics

We love our boss babes who are taking the wedding industry by storm and we want to share them with you, too! Each month we will highlight some of our favorite photographers, hair and makeup artists, calligraphers, estheticians, and other industry professionals to give you a glimpse of their incredible work and dedication to brides and grooms.

With over 25 years of experience, Nathalie was the clear choice for our lead planner, Lissa Marie, to trust when it came to prepping her skin for her own best day ever!

Lash lifts, microblading, waxing, facials, this skin angel does it all!

Here are some highlights from our interview with Nathalie:

💁Start by introducing yourself!

My name is Nathalie Marchand and I own Rockville Esthetics. I have been a licensed esthetician since 1994, experienced in the spa and medical offices (I have worked for 3 different dermatologist and plastic surgeons) was at the Watergate Salon in DC, an upscale salon near White Flint Metro before moving to Beauty Mark at Rockville Town Center almost a year ago.

🛎️Describe your services… what do you offer brides/grooms?

I provide skincare, waxing, and microblading services. I work with brides and grooms dealing with hyperpigmentation/fine lines and wrinkles, ladies who want to improve their eyebrows and make them fuller or just fill them in and clients who just want to come and have a relaxing experience before their big day!

👰🏽What is one unique thing about your business?

I have over 25 years of experience in the medical and spa field and I truly love what I do! I stopped working in corporate salons because I did not trust the products that they were using and wanted more control over what I could offer my clients.

I care about people and love what I do so coming to the salon and working with clients does not feel like work. I get inspired when I see how even a short 15 min service can have the client walk out with a smile on their face.

💍What skin care advice would you give a newly engaged person to look their best on their wedding day?

Start doing a good home care routine that includes vitamin C, sunscreen and retinol. Light peels on a monthly base starting about 6 months before the big day will help to get your skin to the best possible condition for your wedding.

What is one of your favorite projects or service you offer ?

Microblading! I love doing brows because the results are instant.

Check out more of Nathalie's beautiful transformations on her IG @rockvilleesthetics or schedule a visit for a facial or microblading service!