Emily Nicole Photography: VENDOR HIGHLIGHT SERIES

"When women support women, incredible things can happen"

- Jenna Kutcher

Our friend Emily from @emilynicole_photos began her Vendor Highlight Series and we couldn't help but write a post highlighting her unique talents as well!

We love our boss babes who are taking the wedding industry by storm and we want to share them with you, too! Each month we will highlight some of our favorite photographers, hair and makeup artists, calligraphers, estheticians, and other industry professionals to give you a glimpse of their incredible work and dedication to brides and grooms.

Here are some highlights from our interview with Emily:

💁Start by introducing yourself!

My name is Emily Schneider and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Alexandria, VA, serving clients as Emily Nicole Photography. I have served clients all over Virginia, in Maryland, D.C., and even Long Island and parts of Pennsylvania!

📸What drew you to start in the photography business?

I started playing around with photography after college, thinking I just wanted to be a blogger. But the more I took photos for my blog, the more I realized I loved taking pictures of people... specifically people in relationships. I loved capturing their connection and genuine joy when they were together, whether that was a couple dating, or a family, or even best friends. I never loved work so much until I got to be a photographer at a wedding!

🛎️Describe your services… what do you offer brides/grooms?

I offer a single wedding photography experience for my couples to provide everyone with the same, seamless, stress-free experience. My package is complete with a custom photography timeline for their day, a second shooter, 8 hours of coverage, a complimentary engagement session, high-res downloads, and travel of up to 50 miles included! They can also add on an heirloom album for a hugely discounted bundle if they choose one at time of booking!

When they book, they instantly get access to photography-friendly planning resources and can contact me for just about any question they have (even if it's not directly photography related!) I love building relationships with clients so they can trust me and feel comfortable around me. I offer them my time and experience to help make their day a smooth and special experience, because I'm one of the vendors that is by their side the entire time!

The reason I only offer one package is because I enjoy being a wedding photographer so much that I give everything I have at every wedding. So I don't think it would be fun to limit my passion or creativity just because their package only included ceremony coverage and that's it. Or because one client paid more than another. Each bride deserves her dream day, so if they afford my one exclusive package, they're getting 110% of my love, care, and creativity on their wedding day!

👰🏽What is one unique thing about your business?

I have not lost the wonder of wedding planning. Every part of the day feels so magical to me. I place such a high emphasis on the meaning of each moment, because I know that the brides I serve understand being the girl who has waited her whole life for this day. I invest emotionally into each wedding. I don't want couples to hire me unless they feel like we have a connection because I want to be able to serve their individual and unique needs, not treat their day like any other. I understand each wedding day and each couple is different and beautiful. So in order to capture that unique beauty, I spend a lot of time familiarizing myself with my couples, their families, their plans, their traditions, and their relationship. By the wedding day, I want them to feel like I'm just another friend there to help them celebrate this joyous occasion! They should feel special and valued and celebrated.

💍What is one piece of advice you would offer a newly engaged couple as they plan their wedding?

Take time to slow down and cherish the time you have together as fiancés! I know wedding planning can seem so stressful or rushed at times, but remember that you are only going to be fiancés once and for a short amount of time!! Plan for your marriage more than you plan for your wedding, and choose a trusted team of vendors that make you feel like an honored guest at your own event.

Check out more of Emily's beautiful work on her IG @emilynicole_photos