Unique Cake Flavors

This cake may look 'all vanilla', but looks can be deceiving!

⁣ ⁣Heres a list of other unique wedding cake flavors that go beyond tradition.⁣ ⁣

🍰Funfetti ⁣ 🍰Cannoli cream⁣ 🍰Amaretto⁣ 🍰Hummingbird (a combination of banana, pineapple, pecans, and spices)⁣ 🍰Earl Grey cake with lavender-infused frosting⁣ 🍰Lemon and blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting⁣

🍰Caramel coffee cake with chocolate ganache⁣ 🍰Pink champagne⁣ 🍰Grand Marnier⁣ 🍰Hazelnut almond⁣ 🍰Ginger spice⁣ 🍰Spiked red velvet⁣ 🍰Coffee and cream⁣ 🍰Bananas foster⁣ 🍰Key lime cake with cream cheese frosting ⁣ 🍰Tropical Guava⁣ ⁣

We're excited to try the Earl Grey cake with lavender frosting at one of our April weddings next year! What flavor do you want to try?