Cindy & Jarrod

Love is NOT cancelled! This couple has a beautiful story about their recent wedding and what it took to make it happen!

Cindy shared her beautiful story with us and we can't get over how sweet these two are!

"Our church, is partnering with about 20 other churches across central Indiana on a campaign called Hope for Indy. Our goal is to gather, share, and celebrate stories of hope.

Since Jarrod and I “conquered corona” on our wedding day, I wanted to share our story of positivity and hope in the midst of this pandemic! Here it goes...

After 15 months of wedding planning, and the building excitement during the month leading to our wedding day (planned for March 21, 2020), enter COVID 19! Despite the uncertainty, we stayed the course and continued with the final planning/preparations.

4 days before our wedding...the venue canceled, my parents made the tough decision not to travel from Florida and we were faced with deciding how we should proceed.

Ultimately, it was an easy decision for us. We didn’t want to wait, so we adjusted the original plans and decided upon a socially responsible, social distanced, super small wedding ceremony with only the wedding party and immediate family physically present. We also planned to broadcast live on Facebook so family and friends could still be there...albeit virtually...but most importantly safely from their own homes!

Several people asked why we chose to move forward and not postpone. As much as we wanted the full experience and party, we knew our wedding wasn’t about how many people would be there and how big the party would be.

Our small, intimate ceremony was beautiful and couldn’t have been any more perfect! There will be a party...later! During the planning process, I had no idea how significant the lyrics of our chosen Unity ceremony song would be.

The lyrics say...”We are standing here only because YOU made a way.” During the uncertainty and chaos of the situation, God “made a way” to celebrate what He had brought together! He also showed us that LOVE always prevails!

That is why we were married despite the change in venue, despite dropping attendance from 80 guests to 18, despite the cancellation of a reception, despite there being no wedding cake, despite other missed traditions, but, most of all, despite COVID-19! If our love can “conquer corona”, we know there is nothing we can face that our love won’t get us through going forward!"

We love the photos captured at their wedding and that ROCK is stunning!

Congratulations, Cindy & Jarrod!



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