Are You Over-Budget?

Budget might as well be a four letter word. 💰

About half of all couples spend more than they planned on their wedding—but why? Here are the top five reasons:

💵You set your budget too low. 👎🏽

Look at the average prices for venues and vendors in your area while creating your budget and make sure you are setting realistic expectations for the services you are looking to book.

💵You fell in love with things you “needed to have” during planning. 💎

Pinterest can be both your best friend and worst enemy while planning. Remember that AMAZING floral backdrop made from organic roses? It is $3K...please do yourself a favor and take a Pinterest break every so often to retain some of your wedding sanity.

💵You added custom or personalized elements to your wedding.

Customizing and personalizing items, such as napkins, favors, etc., can wait until a few months before the wedding, if you have money left in the budget.

💵Your guest count changed.

Last minute add-ons can cost a fortune! Try to keep your guest list tight after your Save the Dates get sent out.

💵You opted for special upgrades without prioritizing.

Top shelf liquor, the Rolls Royce Phantom stretch limo, caviar bar?! Prioritize one or very few of the specialty upgrades to save some $$ for your well deserved honeymoon! 🏝️