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4 Favor Ideas (That Your Guests Might Actually Want to Take Home)

TRUTH BOMB: No one really wants a gift with your names on it...

Wedding favors don't have to be boring! Make it personal, useful, or edible ( know the kind of edible I mean!).

Whether you choose to DIY favors or find an amazing local business to take favors off of your never-ending to-do list, here are some ideas to get you started!


Photo: Julia Summers Photography

Multi-use items are the BEST! Create custom place cards using a Cricket machine, laser cutter, or check out these adorable resin cards made by Paper Kate Co! These beauties will proudly be displayed on your friends coffee tables and definitely not stuck in their junk drawers with the koozies...


Photo: Rebecca Sigety Photography

I'm a sucker for anything mini, and these adorable limoncello bottles are not exception. You can buy the bottles in bulk and commission a local artist, like The Welcoming District, to create a custom crest or tag- then pour in some limoncello and you're set!


Photo: Kristi McAleese Photography

Something homemade, or semi-homemade, is the perfect little something to send people home with at the end of the night. Who doesn't love drunk food??

If you are lucky enough to have friends or family ask if you need help with something- THIS is the wedding task to delegate!


Photo: Precious Pics

Do you love the cookies from the bakery down the street? Does the restaurant in your town sell the BEST steak seasoning that you can't get anywhere else? Support your favorite local shop or restaurant and have them make your favors!

Happy Planning!



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