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Hi there, I'm Melissa, but I go by Lissa (like Melissa without the -me) and welcome to my little corner of the internet- I'm so glad that you're here! I know that wedding planning can be ROUGH-but I'm here to help navigate all of the crazy.

I'm your planning BFF and hype-girl from the moment you get engaged to cheering you on as you bust a move on your wedding day! As a wedding planner and bridesmaid (x 10), I've seen pretty much every crazy scenario and I've got your back no matter what because you deserve the best experience possible!

I love learning about what’s most important to you and your partner on your wedding day, and coming up with those special things to make your love unique.


I’m here to take the stress off, add some extra laughs, and make things go smoothly for you so you can actually ENJOY your day without the constant fear and anxiety of worrying what will happen if something goes wrong, because I've got this!

I believe that ALL couples deserve a beautiful wedding day!

If you're a fun-loving, down to earth couple who loves dogs, Harry Potter, Saturdays at the vineyard, and finding the best place for takeout, drop into our emails and let's get this party rolling!


Washington, DC

Based in the heart of

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let's see what we have in common...


Shows I'm Currently Binging

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Gilmore Girls

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Veronica Mars

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Penny Dreadful

I could watch Gilmore Girls on repeat and I often put it on in the background when responding the emails. I find their their fast-paced ramblings unexpectedly calming.


I feel like I was definitely late to the Veronica Mars party! I'm a sucker for a mystery, especially with early-2000s charm (hello dresses over pants and side bangs with crunchy curls)!

Penny Dreadful is creepy for sure, but the acting is AMAZING and Josh Hartnett brings me wayyyy back.

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